Custom Cakes
Custom wedding and event catering

Small Tower $30 – Fits 2 -3 dozen standard size cupcakes


Large Tower $45 – Fits 4-8 dozen standard size cupcakes

*Cupcakes are purchased separately.

Custom Cupcake Toppers
Tell us your theme and we will create something sweet and unique to detail your cupcakes for your special event.
Prices start at $12.00 per dozen and go up based upon design

Custom Cakes For All Occasions

The GoodieBox Bakeshop has built their business on making taste the first priority.
That means your cake is baked from scratch using fresh eggs and butter, hand sifted flour,
Belgium chocolate and well, other really good ingredients.


When you want to place an order for a cake there are many different factors that go into
creating the design and look for your special occasion. Casual/formal, indoor/outdoor event, budget,
number of servings, amount of detail, did we mention budget? It’s important
to consider these points when placing your order for a cake.   If you can think through
these details, it will help us to create the perfect and delicious cake that you came to us for.


Please note that when we do fondant cakes they are a bit pricey because fondant is a bit
pricey, AND labor intensive. We consider number of servings, design, and detail in
design and assembly when pricing your cake.

We want to be sure we deliver a cake that exceeds your expectations and makes your
guests lick the icing off the plate!


If you would like to set up a time to discuss a cake, get an estimate, or do a tasting for a
cake please contact us at Please attach any images
you have and include number of servings and date of your event in the email.


To see samples of our custom cakes please see our gallery

Dessert Displays
One of the most popular trends sweeping the celebration scene right now is the dessert buffet. A table of mouthwatering bite sized sweets to tempt your taste buds. You can include cakes, cupcakes, cake pops, cookies and whatever else your sugary heart desires!


We are happy to work with you to complete a beautiful dessert table that sets off your theme and speaks your style. We have a number of mini dessert selections to choose from and will even explore new recipe ideas to meet your needs.

*Cake plates and display ware are available for rental and are in addition to your selected goodies.

When determining how much to order for your party, we suggest using the guide of 2-4 mini desserts per person.